• Buzz Fit is a healthcare channel streamed directly to waiting rooms, leveraging cloud technology. We enhance the healthcare experience for your patients by engaging them with educational and entertaining healthcare content. Through improving patients' health literacy, we help practices all across the US to unlock additional revenue streams within their business and boost their earnings.

  • Yes. Buzz Fit's content is based specifically on healthcare. It is designed and created to motivate better health management, implement meaningful lifestyle changes, and improve patients' knowledge of common health risks and treatments.

  • Yes, and this is what sets us apart from everyone else. All of our content is overseen and approved by our medical advisory board. Our content is designed by award winning creators and features experienced actors.This is the winning combination that allows us to say with certainty that your practice and your patients will benefit from Buzz Fit.

  • Yes! The videos playing on our website are a selection from our content library. These will be streamed to your waiting room along with much much more!

  • Our healthcare content is designed to educate patients on fundamental healthcare information. They will learn about diseases, treatments, identifying risk factors and healthy lifestyle choices. Our content significantly improves health literacy and motivates patients to be more proactive in managing their health, beginning with a higher level of engagement in their next consultation.


  • The Buzz Fit calculator uses the basic information that you enter in the calculator form, along with the appropriate parameters from our 3rd party commissioned study, to estimate the benefits that the Buzz Fit Healthcare Channel can deliver to your practice.

  • Yes! You can use our online calculator multiple times if you wish. When you have completed the calculator fields and click “Calculate”, Buzz Fit will automatically send a copy of your results directly to your email.

  • Our calculator is based on inputs supplied by you, the user, combined with parameters taken from a Buzz Fit commissioned 3rd party research paper. For more information check out our white paper here.

  • We have taken many steps to ensure that the output of the Buzz Fit calculator reflects as accurately as possible the potential benefits to your business. However, it should be noted that each practice is unique, and for that reason, we suggest that you read our white paper here to truly understand where the benefits arise.

  • Yes you can. We send a copy of your results directly to your email. If the email does not appear in your inbox, check your spam folder and ensure you add the Buzz Fit email to your address book.

  • Not to worry, the speciality field is used to estimate the average income for a practitioner based on industry surveys. When using the calculator, please choose a speciality that is similar or related to your own. Alternatively, please go directly to our white paper here to discover how the Buzz Fit waiting room solution can add benefit to your business.

  • Our calculator is largely based on generic data, however any personal data you submit on our website is safely guarded in line with the relevant data protection regulations.


  • Soon, we expect to launch the Buzz Fit Player in the coming weeks. Stay up to date with our projected launch by logging into your Buzz Fit account.

  • No, Buzz Fit leverages cloud technology to stream our content to your waiting room. To avail of Buzz Fit, all you need is the Buzz Fit Player, a TV or display in your waiting room and a WiFi connection.

  • TBD

  • You can check out our recommended minimum connection at

  • Our third party media player applications are currently in development. Please ensure you subscribe to Buzz Fit, and we will notify you when the app is released.

  • From the date you purchase your player, you are eligible for hardware replacement for the first 12 months. If required, contact our customer service team to arrange a replacement order.

  • If you are not happy with your Buzz Fit player, you can return it within 60 days of receiving it, for a full refund - no questions asked.

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